RF SKY best RF indonesia

Halo gan, gue maw share private server lokal baru open 25-12-2011 jam 10 wib, GM Aktive 24 jam , Friendly GM



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200x exp, drop rate 15x mining 20x animus 200x
Skill and Force GM
Quest 50 - 56 Active
Npc PVP active
Level 85 Cap
No +7 donations
Mail Active
Auction Active
NPC Dragon Armor
NPC Trap & Tower at Base
Events Active
GM Active, friendly and no corruption
New Launcher
Elemental drop all PB
New Monster


Markas :

Elemental Low = Flem and Wing
Elemental Mid = All Pitboss Markas
Recovery pill 100% = Young Flem
All Portal List = ABA
Booster 40 = Brutal Ace
Elemental Shop = Desert Klan

Sette :

Jewelry Box = Golden Pig

Elan :

All Talics = Scud Lava
All Potion = ABX
All Relic lv 45 unlock = All Pitboss Elan

Buas :

Unstable All Upgrader Weapon and Armor = Black Demolis
Elemental Special Buas : Pitboss Buas

Outcast :

Stable All Upgrader Weapon and Armor = Naroom Captain
Elemental High = Kremul Captain
Elemental Special OC low = Pitboss OC
Booster 55 grade 50 = Kukra Captain

Volcanic Couldron :

Gli + Beam = Great Curr and Curr
Type C Weapon Lv50 + All Leon 40 = Pitboss Belphegor

Ether :

All Excelcior C = ABB
All Potion = Caliana Archer, Caliana Crue, Caliana Atroc

Bio Lab Lantai 1

Weapon Type C lvl 55 = Pitboss Izen
All Item Lvl 80 - Lvl 85 = Pitboss Thor

Bio Lab Lantai 2 :

All Armor and Weapon 80 - 85
Pvp Weapon


All Portal
All Potion

Elven Map:

All Armor and Weapon 80 - 85
Pvp Weapon

Crag Mine

Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4 and LGS = Lazuardian Warior and Spell Lazuardian

Jika Agan2 Punya kesulitan dalan instal dapet langsung YM  raghi_upp@yahoo.co.id

Ayo Ramaikan GAN RF nya Makin Rame Makin Seru

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